As Dead As

dodo-picture - EditedWrote this last month for Rattle’s ekphrastic challenge, but I’ve just found out it didn’t win, so I get to post it here, yay!


Yet not quite–note my spritely pose,

facing the same direction

as the blunderbuss of yore

that brutally de-feathered me,

and although this place

makes me look a little cagey,

I’m doing my very best

to locate the fire escape

in this labyrinth

of smouldering ash–a last hoorah

for an end of line demise

more poignant than Cock Robin’s

or the Norwegian Blue,

but please don’t call me cuckoo,

or rate me antediluvian,

because that would only raise

my non-existent ruff

and make me less inclined to share

any racey Victorian secrets–

although my deserted nest

is full of bric-a-brac,

my bird brain is still wired to

a wake-up call courtesy

of Edgar Allan Poe,

the code word being ‘extinct’–

and despite everything,

I can show you how to rock

a unique hollow-eyed

look by adopting the sort of livery

any nihilistic boulevardier might envy,

(no awkward flab to ruin the

silhouette) and also provide

consultations after hours,

while tapping at my reflection

in the kinky smoke and mirrors

of this bijou boîte,      

so everyone can admire

my punk-flamingo armature

instagram’d for eternity.


As Dead As

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