Wear Your Hat and I’ll Eat It For You

Bit of a weird one. If anyone else subscribes to ‘Dangerous Minds’ on Facebook, you’ll know where I got inspiration from (partly) 🙂

Please Note: Adult Content 


Young man,

you are eating pizza and

sitting indoors,

while wearing a Yankees’ baseball cap,

curved brim turned to the back,

as you tackle the

split lip of sour dough on your

thick white plate.

Can I take it off your head

or will something come away,

some vital organ, gizzards,

what-not–perhaps even your Mojo?

Too dangerous, then.

I saw a photo once,

of a young woman, eyes half shut,

captured mid-orgasm,

her mouth a slack, elongated hole

just like yours,

but no sour dough

posted inside– yet she wore a hat,

the brim describing

a swooping parabola of ecstasy,

shading her eyes in hippy velour,

perhaps even stolen

from a Beatle groupie’s wardrobe

ending up in a thrift store,

provenance traced back more than

four decades. People with bare heads

once considered uncouth,

easier to spot than a sleek starling

leaving exclamation marks on a polished sea

of city bowlers.

What we choose to wear,

merely wayward signposts

in a no man’s land,

telling stories to others,

annointing us–

in case we look too samey,

and we all have something to declare,

–especially while eating pizza,

or revealing our beatific state to camera

on automated release–

we need to frame that moment,

with our hats on–before the tide wipes us out.


Wear Your Hat and I’ll Eat It For You

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