Snap Election



The Headmistress in Chief has called

for an egg and spoon race–

once around the church,

and a circuit of the village green.

She is confident of course,

that she will easily win,

her grace and favour spoon

being much bigger than

anyone else’s. No doubt she will

double-lap her main opponent,

the Warden-in-Charge of the Home for Young

Delinquent Socialists,

who’d fair better in a three-legged race

(more support) and also

Mr Moaner-Remainer, owner of the

Continental Bakery

with that eye-gouging yellow awning

will be a non-starter,

as in her opinion no-one ever buys

his flaky croissants.

(She wished she didn’t have to arrange all this

and simply go for a power grab like

that canny Mr Erdogan–but never mind).

She is already planning her victory tea,

baking with her own fair hands

a special batch of Brexit scones,

each as solid as the Gibraltar Rock,

and guaranteed to be at least three days old.

Snap Election

One thought on “Snap Election

  1. Oh my even for a dissident like me Lise, not sure if I’m coming or going with all this. Love the metaphor of egg & spoon I can imagine all of Us contained in the egg and someone precariously going step by step with more desire to win the race than to care for the Egg. You continue to show so much strength in keeping in tune with what’s going on. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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