HMS Carnegie ~ a Broadside


Launched by a philanthropist,

and as glorious a notion

as a belle epoque steamship,

or grade one listed Cutty Sark,

your majestic state rooms

a quiet island paradise

in a booklover’s ocean–

but now the council

want to sail you into the sunset,

and monetise your hold,

turn you into a slave ship

for the paying classes,

while your devoted public hunkers down

in steerage, wary of the big guns

of the dreadnought Jubilee.


An unsightly ‘To Let’ sign has been raised

on your bows,

so humiliating for a great vessel

more than capable

of navigating the strait of good reads

and the council are nothing

but a bunch of disembarked fools

if they think small batch

hipsters will want to dress up as pirates

and board you.

Your precious cargo has been cut

to the bone and they want to slash

you fore, main and mizzen

and spike your deck like a du Maurier wreck

with a body to hide,

claiming you are unseaworthy,

but we are watching from the crow’s nest

our flock of sharp beaks and talons

ready to strike,

we won’t let those philistine landlubbers

scupper Floreat Hova’s pride.



HMS Carnegie ~ a Broadside

One thought on “HMS Carnegie ~ a Broadside

  1. Always so in touch with your surroundings Lise and yet within you weave a lot of punch and all those things you clearly disagree with. I know more about your part of the country than my own. Mind you the day I’m awake to anything around me…. As usual a pleasure to follow.

    Liked by 1 person

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