Everyday Epic

This is the slogan (if that’s the correct word) for this year’s Brighton Festival, chosen by the poet Kate Tempest. Here’s my poem on the subject, using all the odds and sods imagery on the cover of the brochure as a prompt.


Snake tattoos

squeeze the life from

discarded apple cores,

and how easily a sticking plaster

could be mistaken for an engagement ring.

My supper is an open can of beans

lid all jagged, the fault of the tin opener.

Those unlaced tennis shoes are not a pair,

so forget toothbrush diplomacy,

let Cupid shoot arrows at your

brain and with any luck they will deflect

any baseball cap insults.

Avoid prickly old Rose,

who longs to hang you out to dry

with her pound shop clothes pegs

that haven’t been

tested in storm conditions.

Beware of loose change

because 20p will never be enough

for a humble cup of tea,

and poetry won’t earn you anything.

Quick–the loo roll will run out soon,

let’s head for the library,

oh shit–my smartphone’s on crutches.


Everyday Epic

One thought on “Everyday Epic

  1. There is a brilliant and ongoing tone of satire. Granted I had to google a little bit for reference finding, but you know me, I love that kind of journey. I felt the sour-bitterness? Great apple image one of them green ones that make cringe because of its sour content. There is lots to find in this piece. Thank you.

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