this conversation

 Another archive discovery–bit of a weird one, this 🙂



this conversation has been moved to the bin

a wise move on my part all told– it’s quite clear you have tired of me, i’m nothing more than a virtual fish-wife or a black widow spider spinning her web under the delusion her sticky threads keep you in thrall

or perhaps a cannibalistic old crone poking her head out from

a hut-on-chicken-legs,

eager to gobble up your lazy bones or grind them down for soup stock,

bugging, nagging, whining, prodding you with my long stick,

no more,

that’s it– go fend for yourself, my lover,

browse the crumbs that fall from my facebook or twitter table,


we are officially over.

i look in the trash and examine your bloated corpse just six hours old,

dispatched to the land of ghosts,

destined to perish in due course,

your sarcophagus portrait with shadowed sockets sunken in eternal sleep not one of beauty,

your tongue trussed with the knottiest of typos–

undo? Not yet.

i require you to suffer my silence

a while longer.







this conversation

One thought on “this conversation

  1. There is something so feminine about the underlying tone Lise. A good reminder that we don’t have to add a weight of emotions to convey what we feel. Then the wicked confession of how it makes you feel–couldn’t help to smile with Trussing, Ugh, and I wonder if the elastic was tight enough to keep his legs in place. A bit of a weird one? Not in my eyes. Thank you.

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