Lost Cause



I look for you everywhere,

and always return to the casket of lead,

chosen by a careless suitor,

lining ripped out, hoping to find you

nestling inside. Your spirit, two parts gin

distilled in a green opaque glass vial,

one sip may be lethal.

I walk along the endless

corridor smoothed from primordial clay,

miraculously lit inside a dream

where switches often crumble and fail,

pausing only once to step inside the 

mausoleum where a lost prince lies in state,

masked in gold, eyes of obsidian

attuned to the dark–but he already belongs

to another world.

Sometimes you are there with me,

just behind my shoulder–I recognise the

echo of your careful tread, but dare not turn around.

I find another chamber further on,

draped with a tapestry, once rich in splendour,

woven with fine thread,

now faded– the crimsons turned to rust.

Reluctant but a little weary,

turning to face north, east, south and west,

I settle for this anteroom of faded brilliance

with epitaph writ in old blood,

and as your whispered promises peter out,

leaving a fragile vein of precious ore,

I lay my head upon the cold flagstones,

dreaming of those eyes, forehead

and lips I will never touch.


Lost Cause

2 thoughts on “Lost Cause

  1. Ray Busler says:

    Beautiful and pitiable thoughts you share. Thank you. Did you ever see the movie “The Natural”? One of my favorites. There is a line where two lovers separated by 15 years of circumstance and regret meet. She says:” I used to look for you in crowds.” such a true thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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