Gold Return

(on the occasion of the British Olympic team returning from Rio)

Gold nose
ahead of the field,
the sweet triumph
of laurel-crowned Olympians
treated to champagne in first class,
sitting in the captain’s seat,
all that sacrifice, hard work
paying off, doors to manual now open,
and something inspiring has been cast,
superior to mere red carpet values–
but what of the fourth and fifth placed?
Thanks to a cruel second’s difference,
or an opponent’s winning point scored
in the dying minutes–they trundle
the normal channels uncelebrated, they too
have fought tooth and nail for scant metal.
And the shabby third-rate politicians shaming us
all by hitching a ride on the baggage wagon,
claiming that Britain has been made Great again,
they haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory,
let’s leave them behind
to revolve on the conveyor belt of stupidity,


Gold Return

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