Why Do I Believe That…



Why do I believe that Labour’s plan to sell off Hove Library is a spiteful and squalid piece of political bungaroosh, a way of stuffing a financial hole with rubbish. And any blame lies with the Tory govt, who gave them no alternative?

Why do I believe that residents of central Hove are facing the prospect of their library being confiscated and available book stock diminished in order that the comparatively under-used facilities in Moulsecoomb and Coldean etc, can remain intact?

Why do I believe that a cramped Victorian villa housing a failed museum is in no way fit for use as a library?

Why do I believe that the proposal of a ‘cultural hub’ with café and kindergarten in an exclusive residential district of Hove is on a par with Marie Antoinette’s  ‘Let them eat cake’?

Why do I believe that the cost of repairs to the roof of the Carnegie building has been grossly over-estimated along with scares about asbestos.

Why do I believe that I smelt a rat when an independent survey was commissioned long after the initial report came out, in order to ascertain repair and renovation costs at the library and the museum?

Why do I believe there’s something very fishy about this scheme after the business plan was pulled from the last P&R and a (presumably) revised version is not yet forthcoming?

Why do I believe that an integral part of Hove’s heritage, our Carnegie library, is about to be thrown into a skip by a council that should be doing its utmost to preserve it?

Why do I believe that?



Why Do I Believe That…

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