For Sale in Poets’ Corner

O exquisite jewel of a mid-Victorian villa,
south-facing high achiever within easy strolling distance
of the hollow ocean ridges where the rotten pier low-lieth.
Well presented throughout including
glorious fitted kitchen in white samite,
fountains running wine and felicity of adjoining utility room
boasting built-in cupboard space with
breathtaking views of ironing board sloping to the West.
Wonder at the mutability of ivied casement in spacious dining area
with feature fireplace and Dolby system surround.
Lounge with neutral decor in Elysian Quiet,
without toil or strife, a carpet of rugged pile runs throughout,
hand-plaited by ruddy glare of a corsaire’s campfire
and upstairs, a master bedroom sleeping three on a glassy sea.
A must-view contemporary bathroom taps
into high ceilings housed in a dream
and stamp duty on these lifeless things
leads to a thick-leaved ambrosial conservatory
over-looking the neighbour’s perilous nest
lending cosy feeling of one-upmanship,
while tucked under the eaves,
enough room for the Lady of Shalott
to weave her fantasies in widescreen.
Offered freehold under a banner with a strange device–
no onward chain or flat confusion, nor brute violences,
and in the hall, a welcome mat for Childe Harold.

For Sale in Poets’ Corner

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