Killer Bunny Slippers & Love Hotel

A pair of my poems: Bunny Noir and Love Hotel Angst 🙂

Slink Chunk Press

by Lise Colas

Killer Bunny Slippers

First of all, I want to smother you with a comfy cushion, in a torture scene draped in soft furnishings, my stealth enabled by my killer bunny slippers–a murder spree spurred on by novelty.

I want to assail you while shod in cuddly fleece, baring pointy felt teeth and my mouth waters at the prospect–while the ones on my feet, both open wide coming to get you, are crimson velour lined with white fluffy trim, blow-dried from a sweat shop floor–their invisible machine sewn stitches castigated by a cruel overseer.

No wait–I really want to see you done for, slumped in that cosy armchair, oiling the anti-macassar, your puncture wounds stigmata and afterwards I will creep away in cushioned silence, before the sirens start to wail and other muffled feet step inside, to measure you up.

Love Hotel

You left without saying anything. I no longer feel your skin, only the chill…

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Killer Bunny Slippers & Love Hotel

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