Black Friday : Ode to Amazon

I don’t want any Black Friday deals,
nor am I tempted by the smorgasbord of tat
you offer me online,
those mindless gadgets all at 50% off–
I’d rather drive a hearse draped in funeral crepe
pulled by matching black-plumed horses
through my neighbour’s
42 inch full HD widescreen purchase.
And the next day I bet
I’ll still find the cardboard packaging taking up
valuable space in our communal bin,
as if walking it to the recycling point (a few yards
down the street) is too much of a stretch.
I thought we were all supposed to be green?
Our planet is in terminal meltdown
and this crazy one day orgy of shopping
is all we care about–
aren’t we killing our future each time
we buy more stuff?

Black Friday : Ode to Amazon

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