#Save Hove Library

Hove Library’s for the chop–
well, the one envisioned by Carnegie–
it’s going to vacate its landmark building,
become a lesser thing and be squeezed into
a little room at the museum,
because the whinging masses no longer deserve
his old fashioned philanthropy,
they can damn well buy their own books
and surely by now everyone has an ipad or two?

Hove Library’s for the chop–
we need to downsize and bin some books
(again) in order to save as many pennies as we can
from the public purse to fill that
yawning gap created by our prodigal banks,
that’s getter bigger as we speak.
Books and knowledge about stuff are just frills
and everyone knows that finance rules–
it’s the only thing in life that adds up.

Hove Library’s for the chop–
need a good book? Here’s the latest Harold Robbins
the only one left on the shelf,
it’s a bit dog-eared but better than nothing–
the rest of the shelves were emptied
long ago–while a rumour was circulating
about plans afoot to turn the site into
the Carnegie Gym,
as everyone needs to exercise,
and reading a book is so unfit for purpose.

Hove Library’s for the chop–
it has an archive you say? –I never saw it,
oh well–go light a bonfire in a dustbin,
may as well burn the sad old papers,
look on it as an opportunity
to get rid of the mustier books–
with some old-style defenestration.
Much better to be green–put everything on a big
touch screen.

Hove Library’s for the chop–
reading is a culture we take for granted,
you can do it from the back of a cereal packet,
dumbing-down is the way to go,
it’s all a case of going to the right sort of school
and having enough money and if you can’t afford the debt,
you’ve had it–and there’s no use crying over old books.

Hove Library’s for the chop–
we’re all Philistines now,
so don’t you dare go all dewey decimal on me,
just whip out the zero-hours contract,
let’s bulldoze it’s unique history,
tear the guts out of the old place and convert it
into luxury flats with parking space.

#Save Hove Library

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