October 5th = Bag Apocalypse

The day has finally dawned
and forgetful bag ladies like me
are in distress
due to the levy on supermarket plastic bags
now set in stone–
oh yes, we have to cut down,
even the friendly biodegradable ones
that settle into snowflakes
and get scoffed by hungry planktons,
are a threat to our universe.
If we’re not careful one day we’ll wake up,
and everything on this planet as far as the eye can see
will be plasticised–
(though in the 1960’s they thought plastic was rather fab.)
So adieu to bag medusas,
waving at us from the branches of the trees
alongside the umbrella bats,
or drifting in the sea,
or suffocating dirty socks and pants
at the bottom of the laundry basket–
congratulations, you’re now a
a vintage M & S bag will be traded on ebay
for hundreds of pounds?
Perhaps that’s daft–
but I have my little stash somewhere,
there’s always an outside chance…

October 5th = Bag Apocalypse

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